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Description of Program:  The Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence (SARV) Prevention Program promotes safety and improves quality of life by educating students on sexual assault and relationship violence, eliminating violence on campus, empowering students to become advocates for a non-violent community and positively effecting social change. This is done through mandatory workshops for incoming first-year students.

The SARV Prevention Program is a required workshop for all first-year and transfer students. The program offers a forum for students to engage in conversation and be educated about college social life, and allows these students to become active members in keeping the Michigan State community safe.

Incoming students are required to attend one two-hour workshop that will be facilitated by undergraduate peer educators. The workshop will explore the definitions of sexual assault, rape, and relationship violence, and offer ways in which students can become active bystanders in the prevention of sexual violence from occurring to themselves, their friends, and their peers. Workshop participants will interact in college life scenarios in both mixed-gender and separate male and female groups.

The goals of the SARV Prevention Program include:

  • Create awareness of and establish a definition of sexual assault, rape, and relationship violence at Michigan State University
  • Educate MSU students about the programs and resources available on campus and in East Lansing
  • Empower MSU students to become active in their daily lives in the prevention of sexual assault and relationship violence by providing applicable strategies of intervention
  • Educate all students to understand that they each share a responsibility in the prevention of sexual violence and the creation of a safe community
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