Bystander Network

Workshops are currently closed for the fall semester.  Registration for Spring Semester will open soon.

Bystander Network Program

The Bystander Network Program is designed for upperclassmen students as a way to continue the conversation of preventing and ending sexual violence through bystander intervention, notions of consent, and challenging rape culture. This specialized, MSU-specific workshop is designed to engage upperclassmen students in conversations and content that encourage open and honest dialogue on taking action in their communities and stepping up to end sexual violence.

What to expect at your Bystander Network Workshop

All second-year undergraduate students are required to attend a one-hour workshop that will be facilitated by undergraduate peer educators. The workshop will explore the ways that all students can be active bystanders and delve deeper into what bystander intervention entails. Ways to support survivors and hold each other accountable will also be explored in depth during this workshop. Workshop participants will engage in poll questions and view brief clips that outline different scenarios and topic matters relating to bystander intervention.

The goals of the Bystander Network Program include:

  • Creating a deeper understanding of the issue of sexual violence and how it impacts campus culture and climate
  • Educating MSU students about the programs and resources available on campus and in East Lansing
  • Empowering MSU students to become active in their daily lives in the prevention of sexual assault and relationship violence by providing applicable strategies of intervention
  • Educating all students to understand that they each share a responsibility in the prevention of sexual violence and the creation of a safe community

For questions contact Leah Short, Bystander Network Specialist at