I am a survivor and I’m worried about going to SARV. Will this workshop be upsetting for me to sit through?

  • Our workshops are created with a survivor focus and are intentionally made to be sensitive to the topics of sexual and relationship violence. We have had survivor input during the creation of the workshops that help to make them trauma-informed and to present the content in the least upsetting, or triggering, way to folks who have experienced trauma. Our workshops create a space that allows for the attendees to feel comfortable and safe, which also includes the option to step out or leave at any time they feel that the information is too much. Our peer educators presenting the workshops are also trained to handle difficult situations and check in with those who need to step out and debrief.
  • If you have read this and still would like accommodations please email the Training and Accommodation Specialist at titleix@msu.edu or call (517) 884-8682.

Do I have to go?

  • MSU takes sexual assault and relationship violence prevention very seriously. The SARV Workshop plays an important role in educating students about resources and their role in intervention. As such, the SARV Prevention Program is a required workshop for all freshman and first-year transfer students.

Can I attend a workshop in my own Neighborhood?

  • We offer SARV workshops in each Neighborhood throughout the semester. The best way to guarantee attending a workshop in your own Neighborhood is to check the registration link at sarv.msu.edu/register early in the semester for available dates and locations of workshops.

How do I make sure my attendance at a SARV workshop is recorded?

  • Attendance is tracked through 1) signing in to the workshop with your MSU ID, and 2) by completing a post-workshop survey that includes your NetID.

I registered for a workshop, but I can no longer attend at that time. What should I do?

I missed my scheduled workshop time. What should I do?

  • Register again at sarv.msu.edu/register. If workshops have concluded for the fall semester, you must register for a workshop in the spring semester.

Why do I keep getting email notifications about SARV?

  • All first-year transfer and freshmen students are on the mailing list to receive notifications about SARV. You will continue to receive these notifications until after you have attended a workshop and your attendance has been recorded. Sometimes this can take several days. You may also receive another email after attending about a follow-up survey to complete for SARV. Completing this survey assists us in tracking how well the knowledge from SARV is retained.

I’m a commuter/adult/other non-traditional student. Do I still have to go?

  • If you feel like you have exceptional circumstances, please contact the SARV Program Director, Sabrina Merz at merz@sabr.msu.edu

I’ve had sexual assault/relationship violence prevention education already. Can I get this requirement waived?

  • While we greatly value the education and experience students have had with sexual assault and relationship violence prevention, the SARV Prevention Program will give all MSU students a consistent knowledge base about sexual assault and relationship violence dynamics unique to the college experience, resources of where to get help at MSU, and tools to safely to do bystander intervention.

I’m a survivor of sexual violence/an abusive relationship, and I’m concerned the workshop will be a trigger for me. Do I have to attend?

  • Your safety and well-being is our priority. If you are concerned that the workshop might be a difficult experience for you, please contact the SARV Prevention Program Specialist, Sabrina Merz at merz@sabr.msu.edu or call (517) 355-3865.

How can I become a SARV Peer Educator?

  • SARV hires new Peer Educators every spring semester to begin work for the following fall semester. Check our website poe.msu.edu for an online application during the spring, or email the program specialist anytime at merzsabr@msu.edu for more information.