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Navigating Consent for Fraternity Men

Presenter: Phil Mannella, Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator, Ohio State University

Date: 19-Feb, 6PM-7PM

Location: Broad College of Business N130

Description:  After receiving great interest from the Greek community, this specialized workshop has been designed to explore the topic of consent in a male specific space. This workshop will give an in depth look into the nuances of masculinity and stereotypes and how this shapes perceptions of consent.

Fraternity men will also examine…

  • myths about masculinity and sexual rejection
  • understanding consent in the policy world and real world
  • how to have these difficult conversations

Empowering Sorority Sisters to End Sexual Violence

 Presenter: Shari Murgittroyd, LMSW North Star Wellness Center

Date: 22- Feb 6-7PM

Location: Anthony Hall  room 1281

Description: This workshop will discuss the various ways that Spartan Sorority members can change their chapters, campus culture, and broader community to end sexual violence. Participants will explore everyday actions that can make a difference and have an impact on ending gender-based violence.

 Cyber Stalking & Online Harassment

 Presenters: Detective Sam Miller (Special Victims Unit) & Detective Nicole Simi (Cyber Crimes Unit) Michigan State University Police Department

Date: 28-Feb, 7PM-830PM

Location: Wells B115

Description: This workshop will educate fraternity and sorority students on on-line harassment, cyberstalking and how perpetrators use technology to sexually exploit victims. Students will learn legal definitions, MSU Policy definitions, and investigative techniques that police use to gather evidence for these crimes. Students will also learn about…

  • Navigating safety online
  • Empowering one another to change the online climate in their chapters
  • Utilizing knowledge to combat sexual violence in their community

Building and Empowering Leadership Despite Negative Stereotypes for Fraternity & Sorority Members

Presenter: Eric Stiles, Senior Program Director  Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence

Date: 11- March 5-6PM

Location: Broad College of Business N130

Description: What does it mean to be an upstander? And how can we create a supportive environment for our chapter members and our campus community? This workshops will explore the ways that you, as Greek affiliated students, can shift the negative culture associated with Greek life and discover ways to prevent sexual violence and create a safe environment for everyone.

Everyone Has THAT Ex – Exploring Previous and Current Relationships

 Presenter: Holly Rosen, LMSW Director Michigan State University Safe Place

Date: 14-Mar, 7-830PM

Location: Wells B115

Description:  “Am I crazy? Or is this how relationships are supposed to be?” If this thought has crossed your mind, this workshop is worth attending. Students will explore past and present relationships and will be taught how to identify problematic behaviors that may be red flags in a relationship. This workshop will help sorority and fraternity members at MSU foster healthy relationships and learn to recognize when they are exposed to someone who is controlling and abusive. Those who attend will be able to learn ways to support those who are impacted by an abusive relationship, and identify stalking behaviors, perpetrator tactics, signs of unhealthy relationships, and ways victims often respond when they love the abuser or feel unsafe to disclose what is happening to them.

The Myth of the “Grey Area,” Consent for Sorority Women

Presenter: Brooke Noonan, Program Advocate Michigan State University Sexual Assault Program

Date: 18-March, 1PM-2PM

Location: Broad College of Business N130

Description: Every day, we see more and more stories of sexual violence appear on our newsfeeds. Some are quickly accepted by the media, our friends, and our family. Others are portrayed as a “gray area” of consent, and are largely considered misunderstandings or simply untrue. This hour-long interactive discussion will unpack the myth of the “gray area” and reveal how perpetrators of sexual violence have benefitted from its creation.

Man Up: Activating Men to Combat Sexual Violence 

Presenter: Paul Artale, Manager of Graduate Student Engagement & Motivational Speaker University of Michigan

Date: 27-March, 7-830PM

Location: Wells B115

Description: How can men help combat sexual violence? This workshop answers that question by examining common attitudes, social constructs, and current events that have made this difficult in the past. Participants will leave with practical strategies they can implement that will help end sexual violence.

“Our Community, Our Responsibility”

Presenter: Tom Fritz, Michigan State University

Date: 10- April, 530-630PM

Location: Business College Complex N130

Description: During this workshop, which will be facilitated by a member of the Greek community, students will navigate the ways that Greeks can set their own community standards and can reshape the perceptions of the greater community through action.