= available 24 hours/day

= confidential service

Relationship Violence Resources

MSU Safe Place 

  • Business office (517) 355-1100 ext. 2
  • Shelter or immediate support (517) 355-1100
  • Advocacy & follow-up (517) 432-9570 or (517) 353-9999
  • Community education, volunteer opportunities, counseling, support group, temporary emergency shelter, and advocacy.
  • All services are free and confidential.

End Violent Encounters, Inc. [EVE, Inc.]  (517) 372-5572 

  • Shelter, support & community education programs for the greater Lansing area.
  • All services are free and confidential.

Sexual Assault Resources

MSU Sexual Assault 24-Hour Hotline  (517) 372-6666

  • Support, advocacy, and information for all members of the campus community.
  • All services are free and confidential.

MSU Sexual Assault Program (517) 355-3551 

  • Individual and group counseling, consultation regarding sexual assault trauma, and educational programs offered.
  • All services are free and confidential.

Office of Institutional Equity (517) 353-3922

  • Where to report sexual assault on campus; sexual assault investigations.

Olin Health Center (517) 353-1733 

  • The Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Olin aims to provide accurate information about sexual wellness.
  • Confidential HIV and STI testing.

Sparrow Hospital Sexual Assault Clinic (517) 364-3641 or (517) 285-2203. Emergency (517) 364-3729 

  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) on staff. Go to Sparrow ER and ask for a SANE nurse if assault is less than 72 hours old.

Crisis Help Lines and Counseling Services 

MSU Sexual Assault 24-Hour Hotline (517) 372-6666 

MSU Safe Place (517) 355-1100 

LBGT Hotline (517) 332-3200 

MSU Counseling Center (517) 355-8270 

EVE, Inc. (517) 372-5572 

Legal Services

Legal Services of South Central Michigan (517) 394-3121

  • Provides custody and divorce assistance.

Personal Protection Order Office (517) 483-6545

  • For Ingham County residents, free support on obtaining a personal protection order through the courts and signed by a judge.
  • Assists victims in filling out orders at no charge, only open during business hours.

EVE, Inc. (517) 372-5572 or MSU Safe Place (517) 355-1100

  • Can accompany victims to court hearings or explain the legal process.

ASMSU Legal Services (517) 355-8266

  • ASMSU provides MSU students with completely free legal consultation. Lawyers can give advice and represent you in court.

Police Services

Emergency: 911

MSU Department of Police and Public Safety (517) 355-2221

East Lansing Police Department (517) 351-4220

Mental Health Resources

Ingham County Emergency Services (517) 372-8460 or (800) 372-8460 

Sparrow Hospital Mental Health Center (517) 482-6570

Sexual Harassment Resources

Office of Institutional Equity (517) 353-3922

MSU Sexual Assault Program (517) 355-3551

Additional Resources

Night Owl (517) 432-8888

  • The Night Owl provides late night/early morning campus service at times when other CATA bus services are not running.

Self Defense (517) 355-5250

  • This free self defense workshop provides common sense and practical information regarding sexual assault prevention.

MSU Alcohol,Tobacco, and Other Drugs office (517) 353-3903

  • The ATOD Program is committed to reducing the negative impact associated with substance abuse, while cultivating a health-affirming environment at MSU.

MSU Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (517) 432-2471

  • File a formal complaint or seek conflict resolution.