SARV Prevention Program

General Workshop Registration

What to expect at your SARV Workshop:

All first-year undergraduate students are required to attend a two-hour workshop that will be facilitated by undergraduate Peer Educators. The workshop will explore the definitions of sexual assault, rape, and relationship violence, and offer ways in which students can become active bystanders in the prevention of sexual violence from occurring to themselves, their friends, and their peers. Workshop participants will interact in college life scenarios in both mixed-gender and separate male and female groups.

The goals of the SARV Prevention Program include:

  • Create awareness of and establish a definition of sexual assault, rape, and relationship violence at MSU
  • Educate MSU students about the programs and resources available on campus and in East Lansing
  • Empower MSU students to become active in their daily lives in the prevention of sexual assault and relationship violence by providing applicable strategies of intervention
  • Educate all students to understand that they each share a responsibility in the prevention of sexual violence and the creation of a safe community

SARV also runs special workshops in the fall for members of the LBGTQ and international communities at MSU. These are designed to address specific concerns and issues surrounding these communities when dealing with sexual assault and relationship violence. 

LBGTQ Workshop:
During this workshop, the format is slightly changed so all scenarios are gender neutral, and there is also no gender breakout for the second half of the workshop. Additional information will be given regarding unique challenges that LBGTQ survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence may face, as well as resources to address needs specific to LBGTQ persons.

International Student Workshop:
Learning about sexual assault and relationship violence is never easy, and it can be even harder when your native culture and language is very different from that of America. The International Student SARV Workshop has been designed to accommodate a wide range of cultural backgrounds, social norms and education regarding these issues. The workshop will give more definitions of terms, education regarding American university culture, and additional information about legal issues and resources for international students.